In a resounding call to action, Vaughan Mayor Steven Del Duca recently addressed over 650 community leaders during the Annual Mayor’s Luncheon, hosted by the Vaughan Chamber of Commerce. Against the backdrop of Vaughan’s reputation for intellect and industry, Mayor Del Duca urged the community to embark on a new journey.

Central to this vision is the cultivation of the arts and creative industries, which Vaughan Council has identified as a pivotal area of opportunity. Mayor Del Duca outlined plans for the development of a performing and cultural arts centre within the Vaughan Metropolitan Centre (VMC), signaling a landmark moment in the city’s cultural evolution.

In collaboration with QuadReal Property Group, the city aims to establish a memorandum of understanding (MOU) that will lay the groundwork for funding, design, construction, and operation of the arts centre. This initiative, Mayor Del Duca emphasized, will not only catalyze economic growth but also advance creative placemaking in Vaughan.

“The new performing and cultural arts centre will complete the VMC’s evolution into the downtown destination the City has been creating for the past decade,” Mayor Del Duca asserted. “It will make an immediate economic impact and advance creative placemaking in Vaughan.”

Beyond the arts centre, Mayor Del Duca unveiled a series of initiatives aimed at positioning Vaughan as a leading destination and creative hub. These include the introduction of the Host in Vaughan Grant program to enhance tourism, the establishment of a Creative Arts and Cultural Industries Advisory Committee, the expansion of public art installations through the ARTonBOXES program, and plans for a cultural arts district in the VMC.

Home to over 3,500 creative businesses, Vaughan boasts a vibrant ecosystem that spans arts, entertainment, information, and cultural industries.

“Investing in the arts and culture not only makes good financial sense but also enriches our lives and nurtures a more welcoming, inclusive, and vibrant society,” Mayor Del Duca remarked.

In endorsing Mayor Del Duca’s vision, Jay Claggett, Senior Vice President of Development at QuadReal Property Group, emphasized the company’s commitment to building a more vibrant VMC through collaborative endeavors.

“QuadReal’s development at Assembly Park is a dynamic planned community, and we’re happy to work with Mayor Steven Del Duca to build a performing arts centre that will contribute to a more vibrant VMC,” Claggett affirmed.

As Vaughan charts a course towards its next chapter, Mayor Del Duca’s impassioned announcement serves as a call for the community to embrace the transformative power of the arts. With steadfast determination and collaborative spirit, Vaughan is poised to embark on a journey that will not only shape its economic future but also enrich the fabric of its collective identity.